Welcome to my Wonderland!

July 2006
While this site has long been a holding page for good intentions, there are quite a few links here now! Old content about walking remains, but there is new stuff too, so have a browse :-)

For anyone whoís here about North Wales, take a look at Jellís pages. Pictures of the March Ď06 trip to Ogwen are on Jellís site, and my photos from the October Ď05 trip are now on the photos page. Also still there are shots from the June trip - drier, but more midges! Jellís site is still here.

Iím about to walk part of a fantastic (and challenging!) route through North Wales as part of the John Muir Trustís Journey for the Wild. Weíll take in some of the best (and biggest and lumpiest) hills and mountains in Wales, including Cader Idris, the Rhinogs, the Meolwyns and
Snowdon. If youíd like to offer sponsorship, please
go here.

If youíre interested in my current research and publications, you can email me at work or read more on my work website.

I also promised to make some pictures of my house available to people who are thinking about living with me, so if youíre one of those people, please go here :-)

Or if youíre here about my other pages.....

Alternatively, you can email me here, at my wonderland.